Weight Loss

Practical information on how to achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

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Steps to a healthy weight – Taking action

Taking steps to achieve and maintain a healthy weight can often be a challenge. The good news is that small and realistic changes are the way to go! They all add up over time to help you be successful. Read on to learn how to take action and get on the road to a healthy weight.

Tips to manage your food portions

You have the power to manage your portions! Here’s how.

University life and healthy eating – Can these two co-exist?

Many students come to university prepared to have fun, study hard, stay up all night and sleep all day. Use these tips to help you make good choices and stay healthy.

Video: Keeping your portions in control

If you get to know your serving sizes it will be easier to keep your portions under control.

Video: Plate size matters

Did you know that the size of your plate might make you eat more than you need? Watch this video to learn more.

Showing 16-20 of 29 Articles for "Weight Loss"