Nori the Pear-akeet

Veshaun's Pear-akeet is a first place winner in our 2013 Foodimal Contest!  

Eight year old Veshaun, from Toronto, says Nori the Pear-akeet is dangerous! Flying around the pear tree it enjoys eating gummy worms, but also brains!

How to make a Pear-akeet

You will need:

  • 1 pear
  • 1 baby carrot
  • 2 blueberries
  • Nori seaweed
  • Toothpicks


  1. Attach two blueberries to the head of the pear with toothpicks for the eyes.
  2. Cut a hole at the top of the pear to fit a baby carrot for a beak.  
  3. Use toothpicks to attach sheets of nori for the wings.

Last Update – November 9, 2016

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