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Fresh from the Farm: Healthy fundraising for Ontario schools

Welcome to Fresh from the Farm, Healthy Fundraising for Ontario Schools!

April 2014 marks the beginning of year two of the Fresh from the Farm Pilot Project, a healthy school fundraiser selling fresh Ontario vegetables and fruit to the community.


New! Visit the official Fresh from the Farm website for updates and the online enrolment form.

Participating Schools

Select school boards in northern and southwestern Ontario have been invited to participate in the Fresh from the Farm: Healthy Fundraising for Ontario Schools pilot project.  

These school boards have been chosen to participate as local expertise and capacity is already in place through the delivery of complementary programming.

Find out what schools can participate this year.

The Fresh from the Farm brochure can now be downloaded for more information.

Everybody Wins!

Fresh from the Farm is committed to delivering:

  • Healthy food choices.
  • Opportunities for learning about agriculture and food in the classroom.
  • Support to Ontario’s farmers and the local economy. 
  • Leadership, by aligning with Ontario’s School Food and Beverage Policy.
  • Funds for your school - 40% of all sales go directly to the school.



  • Eligible schools can enrol between April 22nd and October 6th
  • Selling period can begin as early as September 2nd 
  • School order submitted by October 17th
  • Vegetables and Fruit deliveries are scheduled from November 3- 28th


Future Plans

The overall goal of this project is to develop a sustainable program framework that will expand to include additional school boards and schools in regions across Ontario in the future. 

Visit the Fresh from the Farm website for updates on Fresh from the Farm, to see how Ontario schools fundraise in a new and healthier way next school year! 

For more information call:  1-877-510-510-2 or email  You can also contact your local public health unit.

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