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Facts on artificial sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners are sugar substitutes that have a sweet taste. There are many different types of sweeteners available. Some are found in pre-packaged foods and drinks and some may be purchased to add to foods like coffee and tea, or for baking and cooking. Read on to learn more about artificial sweeteners, where they can be found and if they may be right for you.

Facts on Food Additives

Have you ever wondered what carageenan, lecithin and xanthan gum are? Read on to find out more about food additives and their role in the food supply.

Facts on pasteurization

Have you ever wondered if unpasteurized milk is safe to drink? What about unpasteurized cheese or honey? ? Read on to learn more about pasteurization and food safety.

I have recently heard about stevia. Is it safe to use?

Like many people, you may have questions about stevia.

Lowering your Risk of Cancer: What about Specific Foods?

You may be wondering how certain foods, ingredients and nutrients may impact your risk of cancer. Here is a list of foods, ingredients and nutrients that have been studied to determine if there is a link with cancer risk.

Showing 1-5 of 10 Articles for "Food Technology"